Something tasty

Just going to ease into this whole blogging thing with a recipe I’ve been thrashing at the moment. Don’t want to scare anyone off too quickly with some pretty out there things I’ve experienced in my life so far! Might also preface that by saying that it’s not going to be a chronological autobiography, rather whatever I feel guided to suddenly put fingers to keyboard about. So for now, here’s something easy, healthy, cheap, filling and warm for a winter dinner or lunch. This recipe usually makes 2 huge serves, so just double it for a family. Everything I make is mostly vegan, grain free and organic but I’m not going to say that every time and bore the shizen out of you. Mum used to make this meal when I was younger and I flat out hated it, but now I hang for it – funny how that happens! She called it Chop Suey, I think it is actually known as Chow Mein – who cares, it’s damn tasty! I don’t really measure things either – I have my Mum’s knack for just knowing how much a dish needs of everything, but I’ll try my best. I always cook with music, I definitely think the mood you’re in when you make food has an effect on how it turns out – I never cook in a bad mood or it always tastes terrible! Get a bit of Stevie Wonder going for cooking, he is one of my all-time faves and I reckon if you don’t feel like happy dancing to these 2 tunes I really can’t help you! Master Blaster and Do I Do

Chop an onion and fry in a big pot with olive or coconut oil, chop a big carrot and add to the mix. Slice up a big quarter white cabbage into strips and add in. Add enough hot water to only just cover everything (about a cup?), add 3 tablespoons curry powder, some Vermicelli noodles, 2 tablespoons Massel vegetable stock powder, 4 tablespoons of brown rice, and a drained tin of brown lentils. Leave it to thicken on a medium heat for an hour or so – I usually make it the day prior as it heats up easily and tastes even better the next day.

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