Life is what you make it

Last weekend I had a meltdown. This month I have had one large bill after another all come in at once and some were unexpected, so the last straw for me was being told by my tax accountant that I owed a large sum of money to the tax man. Usually I look forward to tax return time because I get money back. This particular day I was tired from a Bikram class (I love it, but it takes a LOT out of your body), I was hormonal, worrying about all my bills and then missed an appointment I had made months ago as some shocking Melbourne footy traffic made me half an hour late. I sat on the side of the road, had a cry and felt sorry for myself. It’s easy in those circumstances to feel like the world is against you and get stuck in a negative mindset. I recall a time 15 years ago when I had broken up with a boyfriend and was feeling awful, then got 2 speeding fines in one week plus a parking fine! At the time I thought the world was just happening to me, but now I know that the universe was merely responding to me. Now that I know better, I do better. Back to me having a big sook on the side of the road… I drove home feeling pretty low, but I did all the things I know that make me feel better (stand up comedy on tv, long bath, night in with cat snuggles and early to bed). I woke the next day feeling back to my normal positive self and even managed to have energy left over to give a kinesiology/healing session for a friend. I did still think about my bills bills bills but with a different perspective, more ‘the universe will look after me’ rather than ‘why me?’. I asked for the money to magically be sent back to me and I always trust that the universe has my back. The key is to let it go. The universe can’t help us when we hold on to things and have an expectation, you just have to get out the way and trust it will all work out. It may not happen in the most obvious way, so let go of the ‘how’. The world works in mysterious ways. Allow it to work for you.

I have been listening to music more than usual this week to really get my energy in an amped up place – music is so powerful! Two days ago someone very unexpectedly gifted me a large sum of money, and today I won money on the radio! Just getting through is hard enough (I ring every day and it’s always engaged), let alone being on air and answering 10 questions in 30 seconds. I asked my guides to give me all the answers – and they did! Life is not just happening to you, you are creating it with your thoughts, and more so with how you feel. I love this quote by the late great Wayne Dyer – “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. So true. Let that sink in.

I’m going out to watch my favourite band play this weekend, the sun is shining and I’m feeling high vibe! I’ll leave you with an album recommendation by sublime Melbourne band Hiatus Kaiyote – they always give me the good feels. My faves are Borderline With My Atoms, Molasses, Jekyll and By Fire. Enjoy!

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