Meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️

We all know we “should” meditate and that there are so many amazing benefits, but I’ll be the first to admit that it isn’t something I am consistent with. I have plenty of guided meditations in my iTunes that I can listen to at any time, and they are all brilliant – but I just forget or make excuses not to.

The easiest way for me is to sit outside in nature and observe the sounds and colours around me. It keeps me in the present moment, therefore not thinking which is a good start to clearing your mind for meditation. Lately I have been getting intuitive nudges that I must create space to meditate daily. I found this excellent little app that I have been using everyday on my lunch break. If I do it at night I just fall asleep which is OK if you have sleep troubles, but I want to sit comfortably with a conscious and still mind regardless of what is going on around me – that’s the point of meditation. If you want to hear your intuition then you need to create some quiet space. Intuition is a whisper, you won’t hear it over all of the noise unless you turn the volume down on life for a bit.

The app is called Insight Timer, and it has 2 billion meditations to choose from and more than 2100000 people using it! You can bookmark favourite meditations, see how many people around the world are meditating along with you, add users as friends, chat and join groups. You can also meditate without any sound by setting a timer and it will gently give you interval sounds or and end sound which you choose (Basu bowl, wood block, or vibrate). There are meditations for children, to help with sleep, to increase your energy, calm your mind, balance your chakras, clear your thoughts, chanting, immune boost, confidence, weightless, full moon connection, grounding – the list goes on. The ones I love most are by Manoj Dias and Sara Brook both amazing meditation teachers from Melbourne. It’s available in 20 languages and best of all, it’s free! You can track your progress if you are into that sort of thing (I am). It has definitely helped me stick to it, especially knowing how many others are doing it too – I like that sense of community and knowing there are positive things happening all around the world all of the time even though mainstream media would like us to believe otherwise…

My music recommendation for today is Morgan Bain from Perth. I saw him in Melbourne this February off the back of his song Hush being played on high rotation on Triple J. He absolutely blew me away with his insane voice! Of all the shows I’ve been to, he is one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen. My faves are Hush and Summed It Up. Enjoy!

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