The Collective Consciousness

Back in April I had uncharacteristically gone out on a work night and was feeling pretty tired. I started seeing and hearing reports of a gas attack in Syria which had affected children. Of course this had me concerned, anything about animals and children are bound to hit me hard. I don’t usually follow the news but this was big world news and all over social media, radio and TV – basically unavoidable. I was reading so much about it all and couldn’t seem to stop consuming every detail and reading comments people were making on Facebook posts. That weekend I felt so tired and really not like myself at all. By Monday I felt so low on energy that I actually felt like I was grieving but I couldn’t for the life of me pin point what I was feeling so bad about. Nothing was making me feel better and everything was annoying me. I am someone who usually springs out of bed with enthusiasm and looks forward to a morning run – I’m THAT annoying morning person…

I asked my intuition and guides to help me understand what was going on and they showed me that I had hooked into the collective consciousness about the horrific news from Syria. Being an empath, I pick up on other people’s feelings and feel them as if they are my own. It happens so easily if I am not on top of my game (I’ll write in a separate post on how I learned to be an empowered empath) that I don’t even realise it isn’t my own feelings. Being tired, I had let my guard down. It’s hard enough feeling one person’s feelings, imagine the intensity of feeling everyone who was in any way connected to the tragedy – so much fear, grief, mourning and anxiety. It’s a wonder I could even get out of bed at all! Once I knew what had occurred, I followed my guidance and unfollowed any Facebook site that posted or shared anything of that nature, immediately switched off any media that reported on it, had a bath in Colloidal Magnesium to clear my aura and I unhooked myself from it all. The next day I woke up and I was myself again. Crazy as it sounds – this is my life as a healer and empath. It isn’t easy, but it is always worth it. The benefits far outweigh any negatives – I learn so much from each experience. I am far too sensitive to watch the news, and I don’t believe I am helping anyone by taking on all of their pain – you can’t pour from an empty cup. My job is to bring light, so hooking into all of that darkness does no one any good – it only gives it more strength. Doreen Virtue says that worry is misguided prayer. The more people who lift their thoughts to a loving space, the less power the darkness has.

I saw this special, soulful gem Allysha Joy on the weekend and she rocked my world. She has a new album coming out soon which I will be onto straight away!

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