What is an empath?

I have been fit and healthy for 17 years now so when I noticed 6 months ago that nearly all of my clothes didn’t fit me anymore I was confused and upset. I knew it wasn’t anything I was eating or doing, and I didn’t have any stress in my life – what was causing this weight gain? I know the areas I usually gain weight, but this was different – I was expanding all over! I was racking my brains and searching for answers outside of myself as we are all unfortunately conditioned to do, but nothing was helping. I asked my guides/ angels/ intuition to help me and I had the thought “Energetic Weight Loss”. I typed the words into Facebook and a lady who goes by the name of Wildflower in Wisconsin specialised in this. I contacted her and we had a session via Skype where she explained to me that I was an empath. I knew what an empath was, I recognised it in others but I honestly didn’t realise I was one too. Everything made so much sense to me! I have always been told I am too sensitive – my senses are on high alert, and it can feel like a burden at times but I understand now that it’s also the reason I have a good intuitive sense. If I tried to turn one sense down, I would turn them all down. Ever since I can ever remember I have craved lots of time alone, always felt low and yucky after being in second hand shops (the items have everyone’s old energies and emotions attached to them), I have never liked hospitals (I am the only one out of 3 kids in my family to be born at home) and shopping centres have always drained me (all those people and artificial lights and competing noises). I have always been very sensitive about the touch and feel of certain fabrics, and perfumes give me a headache. I can recall many times going to clubs sober and walking out feeling drunk or high – I was picking up everyone else’s energies and feeling their feelings. I have always been able to sense when someone is lying or not being true to themselves. Anyway, this energetic healer in America taught me that I was putting on weight because I hadn’t been grounding myself so my body was trying to weigh me down. The weight is also a buffer from taking on everyone’s ‘stuff’. Wildflower asked me what kind of crystals I wore and I looked at my rings, bracelets and necklace and explained them all to her. She said that all of the light and clear ones make people vibrate higher, but empaths already have a high vibration and the crystals magnify our empathic abilities! I have since changed to more protective stones such as Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli. She told me to use Yarrow Environmental Solution before going out anywhere. Every morning and lunchtime I do Donna Eden’s daily energy routine, I keep grounding stones on my desk at work and I have an Epsom salt bath every night. It may sound like a lot, but it helps me to have good boundaries and not pick up everyone else’s energies. I have many times had sudden headaches, anxiety, nausea or other body pains out of the blue after speaking with someone, sitting next to someone I don’t even know or even just thinking of a person! Now I know better and ask who’s pain it is (the person will come to my mind) and then ask the pain to step away and it does. I also stopped using microwaves as I was heating my lunch at work each day and this was causing extreme inflammation in my body (hence the fluid retention which looked like weight gain), I now cook my lunch at home and take a Thermos to work – it tastes so much nicer too! To help with inflammation I do grounding when I can which is just putting your bare feet onto the ground, and consume fresh and powdered turmeric each day which is excellent for boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation. It didn’t take long for my clothes to fit me again after taking all of these steps, and I am now so much more aware of how to keep my energy high and my dress size down. At first I thought being an empath was a curse, but now I see it is totally a blessing – I just had to learn how to become an Empowered Empath and strengthen my boundaries. There are so many great books out there to help manage being an empath – at the moment I am reading this one by Judith Orloff and loving it.

Being grounded means you are present in your life, not obsessed with the past or future. It means your energy is planted firmly in your body instead of drifting off into airy-fairy land. Being grounded means you have stability, security, and control over your life. It means being ready to handle life’s challenges instead of burying your head in the sand and pretending they aren’t there. It means you are checked in instead of checked out.” Erin Pavlina. 

A brilliant podcast all about empaths by Rebecca Brown & Jane Donovan.

It’s Friday so here’s a dance tune I love from Kaytranada – turn it up loud! For that Sunday vibe this one is goooood.

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