Adrenal Fatigue 😩

To follow on from my last post, I wasn’t losing weight as fast as I had hoped so I asked my guides to help me figure it out. I kept hearing, seeing and reading everywhere about ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ – sometimes this is how I get messages from my intuition. I had heard of Adrenal Fatigue and knew it was related to stress but I didn’t think it was something that would affect me since I have a very stress free life. I have learned a lot since then! Adrenal fatigue is common, especially with Mum’s of young kids (lack of sleep), over exercisers and empaths (never saying no or putting our needs first). The causes are generally being in a constant state of stress either mentally, physically, emotionally or nutritionally (stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, processed foods etc.). It can happen after a big change such as the death of a loved one, heartbreak or big life change. Slowly it started to make sense – it was the middle of a hot Melbourne summer and I was always cold. I had dark circles under my eyes, on weekends I was feeling tired, I had lower back pains (where the kidneys are), my ankles were hurting and of course there was the unexplained weight gain. I was shown by my guides that a combination of things had caused this – working in a stressful corporate job for almost 10 years, followed by 8 months working in the food industry in a refrigerated room and starting work at 4am (which had messed up my body clock). The symptoms all started when I started working where I am now which is the best job I have had to date and the happiest I have been. When I stopped living in a constant state of stress, my body relaxed and it all came up for healing – a bit like going on holidays and getting a cold on the first day because the body can finally stop trying to hold it all together and let it all go. I googled a lot! Sites like this one helped me take the following steps to heal it: weekly acupuncture and Chinese herbs, lots of liquorice tea, Ashwagandha, tonic herbs, MSM, Maca, Magnesium, home made cold pressed vegetable juices, brazil nuts, wearing blue blockers at night (the light from smart phones and tv is 100 times stronger than the sun and wreaks havoc on our hormones!), staying away from any type of stimulant, not using a microwave, adding minerals to my water, heaps of turmeric (lattes, juices and on roasted cauliflower – so good!), cut down my exercise, and upped my coconut oil consumption. I also made sure to get to bed by 10pm no matter what, and I make sure to take time out to stop doing and just BE. It has all helped and I have incorporated it into my life permanently as I never want to neglect my body like that again if I can help it.

Some symptoms of adrenal fatigue:

Stress and overwhelm
Feeling burned out or tired but wired
Low libido
Back pain
Cravings (for salt, sugar)
Weak muscles
Swollen ankles
Abdominal issues
Feeling cold
Foggy brain
Frequent colds
Frequent rashes
Needing caffeine for energy

Taken from Heather Dane’s very informative article

Heather says Adrenal and Thyroid issues are about not speaking your truth – it makes total sense to me, I was living a life that wasn’t my truth! She has written a very comprehensive PDF here

If you haven’t heard the beautiful Matt Corby covering Chains by Tina Arena – you must!

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