13 Questions with Kristy Gallen

Today I am interviewing one of my soul sisters. Kristy is a psychic reader, jewellery creator and mother of 2. We met when she moved into a place I was living in 13 years ago in London. Right away it felt like we had always been friends. Even though she now resides in Brisbane and I’m in Melbourne, we are still a constant support to one another. I promise I didn’t pay her to write nice comments about me! I have been lucky enough to have regular readings from Kristy which always given me clarity and contentment. She’s also the best reflexologist I’ve ever been to and my feet miss her dearly! Kristy runs a community Facebook page called Zen Guidance for like minded souls looking for inspiration, support and giggles. This is us below in Rhodes (Greek Islands) on one of our many adventures looking much younger and blonder!

me & kristy

Tell us a bit about yourself and what your life currently looks like?
I’m a mum to two gorgeous kidlets, work part time in 3 jobs, lead a busy social life with some seriously awesome friends, dabble in my various hobbies like jewellery making, and squeeze readings in there when I can!

What do you feel your mission is?
I feel my mission is to help people on their spiritual journey by showing that kindness and being open to the universe’s gifts, will take you on an amazing adventure.

What led you to the path you are on now?
My lack of fear of stepping outside my comfort zone! Very broad but there’s so much I have done that’s lead me here but a big one would be travel and therefore meeting people (like you) that have changed my life.

What has been your biggest challenge or rock bottom moment?
I lived in Sydney, had a highly stressful job and turned to every kind of escapism I could get my hands on – drugs, alcohol, partying hard. As a result it stuffed up my intuition and spiritual connection and made me a gateway for all kinds of evil crap (stories for another time perhaps!). It took me a very long time to get back on track.

How did you use that difficult period as a catalyst for positive change in your life?
Not being protected by my own sacred energy scared me so much that I went on a very long soul quest (sounds woo woo but it’s the best way to describe it for me) still on the journey and always will be!

What has been the highest point in your life so far?
Apart from having my kids, it would be each time I do a reading and prove to myself I CAN actually do it. I surprise myself every time. I get such a buzz helping people and convincing myself I’m not a fraud haha.

What positive impact do you want to make in the world?
Where do you start?! A big thing for me is encouraging people to do random acts of kindness as often as possible. I have started FRAKs (Friday Random Acts of Kindness) and it means even if you do one act a week it will make a difference. It doesn’t have to involve money. Things like a genuine compliment go a long way. It’s a way to start changing your mindset and seeing the bigger world out there and the awesome people in it

What is most important to you?
Integrity and honesty are HUGE in my books. Treating others how you wish to be treated and fessing up if you don’t like something or how you/others are being treated. I have big respect for that.

How do you handle low days?
I have experienced anxiety/depression all my life so I’ve gotten to know my triggers and how to avoid the low days. If I happen to have a night out drinking I pump my body with goodness the next day to avoid the sads. I also make sure I get in touch with loved ones who “get” me. I also try and share it in my blog Hug The Black Dog, writing is so therapeutic for me and I feel that the more we share that we experience “down days” the more we are encouraged to embrace them and talk about them (hence ‘hugging the black dog’).

What do you do stay in the flow and inspired?
Good question! I’m a big energy-feeler-empath so if I’m around negative Nancy’s or narcissistic people I start to see my mood drop. I check in with friends like Jac, I offer someone a free reading, chuck some music on, meditate, or I post about what’s happening (problem shared, problem halved).

Who or what are the people, blogs, podcasts, music or books that have helped you the most?
Well Jac, you would be number one (ultra-fantabulous connection from the second we met – it still makes me laugh how I made you hug me when I didn’t know you weren’t a hugger then haha, our spiritual journey has been HUGE together and I’m eternally grateful to have you in my life). I’ve studied under Doreen Virtue and love working with her cards and books, I really relate to Allison DuBois, The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav made a huge impact, a podcast called the Kickass Life by a Canadian Motivational speaker, David Wood has gotten me out of a lot of slumps. I’m an avid listener of music too, it’s always successful in lifting my mood!

What’s the best advice you would give in regards to your experiences?
Be open to change. Don’t think you know everything otherwise you’ll never learn. Allow some stuff to wash off you (let it go through to the Keeper as my grandma used to say).

How can people find you/ get in touch with you?
Zen Guidance https://www.facebook.com/zenguidance/
Hug the Black Dog http://hugtheblackdog.blogspot.com.au/

This is Kristy’s all time fave song and perfection for a Friday Groove Is In The Heart

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