Frontal Occipital Holding

The other day I was driving down a residential street when a guy backed quickly out of a driveway without looking and almost right into the driver’s side of my car. I slammed the brakes on, and was quite shaken at the thought that I may have just had an accident and possibly been hurt. I looked at myself in the mirror and all of the colour was draining from my face and lips, the backs of my legs were starting to feel jumpy. I knew my body was responding quickly to my stress via the Fight or Flight Response. Knowing what I do about Kinesiology, I quickly put my hand to my forehead in what is called Frontal Occipital Holding, took some deep breaths and kept repeating in my head “it’s ok” (as if I was trying to soothe a child). My face returned to its usual colour in 60 seconds and I didn’t feel stressed about it anymore.

Not only did this help me to diffuse the stressful situation quickly, it also prevented the stress from being locked into my subconscious and causing further issues later down the track.

You can use this quick method anywhere, anytime, with any type of stress. Most people do this naturally – think about the last time you lost your keys or heard stressful news, the first thing we usually do is put our hand on our forehead.

Hopefully you aren’t too stressed to remember this little trick next time you need it!

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