13 Questions with Magda Trojak 👩‍👧‍👦

I met Magda 14 years ago in strange and memorable circumstances… I was living in London with another girl who had been really getting on my nerves. She moved out without telling me while I was away travelling and moved Magda in without my knowledge. I had just got back from Australia that day when I woke up after hearing someone open my front door. I looked at this stranger standing in my hallway with all her belongings and wondered how on earth she had got in and who the hell she was! Thankfully it worked out great and was the best thing that could have happened at the time. We ended up becoming great friends and had some very fun times together! We both live in Melbourne now so we catch up when we can. I’m really happy to see Magda doing so well and being such a wonderful Mum to her 2 gorgeous kids who are very lucky to have her!

Tell us a bit about yourself and what your life currently looks like?
I am an independent Mumma of 2 beautiful children – Leo and Olivia. I work part time for a freight forwarding company whilst building my own online business from home as a Wellness Coach. I teach and coach mainly mums how to inspire healthy living around the world and earn an income from home. I look after Leo and Olivia full time and although it can be challenging at times, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Since coming across the opportunity to be a Wellness Coach it has changed my life – the health of my family improved and so did my outlook on life. It has opened up a world of positivity, gratitude, self-belief, self-love and personal growth. I have come to realise that anyone can achieve anything, they just have to believe in themselves and not let fear rule their life. Fear kills dreams.

What do you feel your mission is?
To show mums that there is a better way. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle and you don’t have to work the 9-5 grind to get by. You can be a present mum, have your independence and create an amazing income from home. I love helping families to have more choices in life and be able to do mum care instead of day care. I love inspiring healthy living around the world and helping people improve their health and showing them that being healthy doesn’t have to be hard. You can reach your goals without calorie counting or deprivation. Educating children on the importance of good nutrition and helping kids around the world improve their food choices. I love inspiring and empowering women, teaching them the importance of self-love and self-belief. Showing them that anyone can achieve anything they want.

What led you to the path you are on now?
I think it was fate. I have always had a passion in helping people and then I came across this opportunity by chance. It saved me from a dark hole I was in, not sure where I would be if I hadn’t come across this business.

What has been your biggest challenge or rock bottom moment?
My biggest challenge has been my confidence, my self-belief, fear of failure and trying to overcome my limiting beliefs. I walked away from a very toxic relationship and although it was the best decision, I was so scared of how I was going to be the strong mum I needed to be for my children and how I was going to be able to support them without missing out on all of those magic moments. You only get one chance at it and before you know it you children are all grown up. If I hadn’t come across this opportunity and the community of people who inspired me, believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and raised me up, than I am not sure where I would be today. I think I have come a long way in the last 18 months but I still have a lot of things I want to improve on.

How did you use that difficult period as a catalyst for positive change in your life?
It helped me shape the person I am today. It made me stronger and made me realise that anything is possible as long as you have a positive mind set, work hard and believe in yourself. Life wasn’t designed to be miserable, to feel like crap, to be sick all the time and unhappy. It opened up an opportunity for me to help and inspire others.

What has been the highest point in your life so far?
Definitely giving birth to my 2 beautiful kids. Having the opportunity to help other mums around the world with their health (especially single mums) and to have more choices in life.

What positive impact do you want to make in the world?
I want to help create a healthier society where less people are sick, especially kids. For people to have more time with their families and have more choices in life.

What is most important to you?
My children

How do you handle low days?
I try and listen to something uplifting or inspiring. I find that I don’t have that many low days anymore. I try and look at the positive of anything that has gone wrong. Don’t get me wrong – I definitely get stressed! Let’s face it, being a mum is not easy. I do tend to lose my shit sometimes and then feel guilty and be really hard on myself. In those situations I walk away, breath and try again!

What do you do stay in the flow and inspired? Who or what are the people, blogs, podcasts, music or books that have helped you the most?
I surround myself with positive people, try to mediate before bed, find time for myself doing something I love (even if it’s 5 minutes). I listen to people like Tony Robbins, MJB seminars, Joe Dispenza and attend personal development courses. I read books like The Universe Has Your Back, The Magic, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey.

What’s the best advice you would give in regards to your experiences?
Don’t let fear get in the way of your dreams. We all have choices in life and every one of us was put on this earth to live a happy and healthy life, it just depends what path we decide to take. You can achieve anything – it’s just the BS excuses we keep telling ourselves that get in the way.

How can people find you/ get in touch with you?

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