13 Questions with Anna Grace Taylor 👼🏼

I met the very angelic and beautiful Anna when I was living in England and went to a live talk by Doreen Virtue. Anna was invited up on stage to share how her life had been touched by angels. I found Anna very inspiring and I could feel such a pure and gentle energy emanating from her – she looked like a living angel to me! Anna is a gifted singer and inspirational healer.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what your life currently looks like?
I am 37 years old, I live in England and I feel very grateful to do work I love with people all over the world. I am also a very proud Aunty of two boys and a girl. They are the absolute loves of my life and I feel very grateful to be reminded of what’s most important through them. You cannot be in a bad mood around them. Even when they are not so happy. They remind me to stay present, to see the magic in the small (that aren’t actually small!) things and to be the best person I can be.

What do you feel your mission is?
Love. I think it’s the same for all of us, really. We just choose to express it in different ways. But for me, my motivation has always been love. They say we teach what we need to learn and my life has always given me plenty of opportunity to learn to accept myself as I am. So I love to help others do the same by helping them remember the Divine truth of who they are. We don’t need to be perfect as human beings because as Divine beings we already are.

What led you to the path you are on now?
I was born 11 weeks prematurely with my twin sister and at 18 months old I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy: brain damage affecting my legs. That meant that I didn’t walk until I was six years old and then as a teenager I had major surgery to help my mobility. It did help but I also became very ill. My immune system crashed and I was exhausted and in pain every day. It was then that I discovered alternative therapies and started to discover – or reconnect with my innate spirituality. While my sister and friends were at Uni, I was having deep conversations about energy and synchronicity and miracles. Things I had never discussed with family but somehow ‘knew’ about as healed from the inside out. In 2003, I discovered Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner Course which changed my life so much and set me on the path I am now. That’s how I met you (Jacqui); how I learned so many skills but more importantly realised my huge sensitivity was actually a gift as long as I took care of myself.

What has been your biggest challenge or rock bottom moment?
See above! But more than that, I think the emotional implications of being chronically ill for so long was the hardest. At 20, after being so unwell for so long, as well as dealing with the breakdown of my parents’ marriage, I found myself dealing with huge anxiety and OCD. I honestly thought I wouldn’t survive that, at one point if someone had told me I could die I would’ve said yes. I was in a bad way then.

How did you use that difficult period as a catalyst for positive change in your life?
I realised the huge power of the mind. It gave me huge compassion for people whose struggles are more ‘invisible’ than my previous struggles had been. That has helped me a lot in my work with others now. And at the time, it meant I received extra help. It was actually around that time that I saw my first Angel. It was such a profound experience and I wanted to learn more. So when I found Doreen’s course I just knew I had to be there. I’m so glad I did because I wouldn’t be here today or have the life I do without that.

What has been the highest point in your life so far?
Some of the Divine experiences I’ve had have been so powerful I can’t describe them in words. I also loved making my album back in 2009 because it had been a dream of mine to record my own songs and to hear them come to life in the studio was so moving and rewarding. More recently though, becoming an Aunty was incredibly special and life-changing. I didn’t realise I could feel that kind of instant, deep love for another little being.

What positive impact do you want to make in the world?
I want to share in so many ways. I want to remind people of their truth. I want to re-define perfection. I want to love as much as I can. I would love to have a TV show so that I can share and talk with amazing people. I’ve always wanted to be a fairy-godmother and I hope I can do that in my own way.

What is most important to you?

How do you handle low days?
By staying as present as possible. When I am in the past or future, thinking about what was, or worrying about what might be I am stressed. I compare myself with others. I get fearful of what could happen or won’t happen. When I am truly present in the moment, all is well.

What do you do stay in the flow and inspired?
Call on my Angels, speak to my inspiring friends, get outside in the sunshine, listen to my favourite music, sing, focus on what I am grateful for. Sometimes I remember those things and sometimes I forget haha hence the low days!

Who or what are the people, blogs, podcasts, music or books that have helped you the most?
Wow so many. Doreen Virtue was a great teacher and catalyst for me. I’ll always be grateful to her. As well as my family and the amazing therapists and healers I know locally who helped me so much and still do when I need a boost. I have just listened to an incredible interview with Elizabeth Gilbert on Marie TV (Marie Forleo). They both inspire me greatly as creative, authentic women. But my best friends help and inspire me all the time. I’m very blessed like that. And as for music, too many to count! I love so much, but the artists I consistently feel uplifted and comforted by include James Taylor, Robbie Williams, Lucinda Drayton, Adele, India Arie…

What’s the best advice you would give in regards to your experiences?
Stop comparing yourself to others. It’s the biggest joy-squasher ever and is absolutely pointless as there is only one you!

How can people find you/ get in touch with you?
To sign up to receive my Weekly Inspiration newsletter, and for details about my music, private sessions and events, please visit www.annagracetaylor.com

I am also very active on Instagram Facebook and You Tube

2 Replies to “13 Questions with Anna Grace Taylor 👼🏼”

  1. I don’t know who u r, but u seem to be a lovely, sunny, multifaceted person. I started paying attention to your posts because of ur last name. Many of my relatives on Facebook r Taylor. Our likes seem to be similar. I’m working toward my certification in aromatherapy. I’m struggling mightily right now to keep my belief that “I don’t believe in suicide.”. Perhaps u have or r someone who could help me get through this very alarming and stressful several year period so that I can move on. What do u think?
    Looking forward to hearing from u.
    Christine Chandler


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