Womb Work

For the last week I have had upwards of 5 friend requests (mostly from men) an HOUR on Facebook. Private messages, voice messages, video messages and compliments – but surprisingly nothing creepy! At first I thought there was a glitch in the system – surely it would stop soon. It hasn’t – still going strong as I type this… It has almost driven me crazy to be honest! It wasn’t until I was at a beautiful womb workshop run by my amazing Reiki teacher on Sunday that I realised what was going on energetically. We did a meditation focusing on our womb space, I asked what my intention was and I heard “to be open”. We all had goddess cards placed in our spot in the circle at the start of the workshop and when I turned mine over I grinned as I saw ‘Shakti Energy‘. I have not really had much to do with men in the last 3 years but I have been feeling lately that I am ready to change that. A closed womb space obviously isn’t going to help! In a womb healing you clear out all of the old energy, trauma and anything else residing there that needs evicting. Energetically I was already changing and aligning to this intention a few days prior hence all of the sudden activity on Facebook – my womb space was opening! It is powerful work. The womb is the seat of all of creation and as women we can manifest easily from this space but first we need to make sure the space is clear of old wounds and lovers. I highly recommend attending a womb workshop – there are more popping up all of the time. One of the girls in circle that day said that she had not had a period in months but went home and got it that very night! I can’t talk about any of the practices we did that day as it is sacred, but my friend and I reflected the next day on how we wished we were back in that beautiful, raw and loving void where time didn’t exist. It was deeply nourishing and magical.

Sara from Space In Between runs Creation workshops a few times a year and also 1:1 private Creation Matrix healings. I have done both 6 months apart. What I intuitively saw in the healing has changed dramatically in that time and things have definitely changed in my outer world.


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