Spiritual Tradie Podcast 🎧

It’s been sooo long since I posted here that I’ve almost forgotten how… I have been extremely busy after going to Byron Bay in July to learn a super magical new modality called Spiral created by the incredible Dane Tomas. I fully intend to write about my experience at some stage. I’ve been busy taking people through the Spiral for the past 8 or so weeks and then having a rest to let my own Spiral integrate. What a roller coaster! I am loving the ride. For now I thought I would post here (because I forgot to at the time) about the podcast I did back in May with Dan Tucker, AKA The Spiritual Tradie. We had a laugh and also went to some weird and wonderful places in our chat. We may do another one at some stage. It’s a long one!

Here are the links to listen:



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