How Spiral found me 🌀

I had studied some Kinesiology, not to mention many other various modalities but nothing seemed to resonate really deeply with me. I was searching for something but nothing was quite hitting the mark. I had read the book Clear Your Shit by Dane Tomas who created The Spiral. I had been following Dane on social media and somehow through Facebook advertising I saw that a Kinesiologist named David Lane was doing a workshop in April going a little deeper into the Clear Your Shit book and self-testing. I went and really loved the workshop and Dane’s sister happened to be there so we got to talking about Spiral. I didn’t know anything about it but I just felt strongly that it was what I had been searching for – a full body YES feeling. I booked and paid for it in full, along with flights and accommodation before I even had time off from work approved – I was THAT certain. The day after I booked it, I went to an intimate gig by a beautiful singer called ALPHAMAMA – an artist I had discovered a few months prior on Triple J Like A Version. I had been loving her music and following her on Instagram. When I saw she was coming to Melbourne to play I was there with bells on! At the gig David Lane walked in – I was surprised to see him, I had no idea he knew Alpha. Turns out they had done Spiral training together! I was blown away because I had absolutely no idea Alpha was connected to Spiral, and she was actually going to be support crew at my training! Huge synchronicity and a clear sign that I had made the right choice! I’ve been into conscious and spiritual modalities for years and Spiral wasn’t something I had ever heard about other than through Dane’s book. Sitting at the gig having a great time I started chatting to a girl next to me. Turns out she was going through Spiral with Alpha and coming to the July training I had booked just the day before. I knew then that I had made the right choice without a doubt – confirmation was coming at me in spades!

The magic and depth of Spiral is not easy to explain in words, it needs to be felt and experienced. Everyone will have a different journey through it. I will try to explain a little about mine. The week before going to Byron Bay to the 7 day Spiral Practitioner training, I was deeply tired (I am usually very full of energy), nauseous and getting headaches. Those feelings seemed to grow stronger every day leading up to the training, the day before being particularly potent. I went to the beach, meditated (not going to lie, I rarely meditate…), spent a lot of time in nature, ate high vibe amazing food and rested. The day of training I woke up feeling good and all symptoms were magically gone. I saw this as my vibration letting go of stuff in order to level up for what I was about to do. I can’t explain the 7 days after that because it was so intense, magical, powerful and confronting – so much happened! What I can say is that each day we went through a level of Spiral, and each day I dropped more and more deep conditioning, stories and beliefs. What was left was my true self, free and shining brighter than ever before. We moved through so many deep emotions and experiences in those 7 days and it was the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done!

When I came home I actually got sick twice in 2 weeks with a cold (I very rarely get sick). I knew it was because my body was physically catching up with all of the emotional baggage I had released. Over the next 6 months I took 4 people through the Spiral process and deeply understood the power of this work. I had so many insights and realisations, my consciousness was in a place I have only ever dreamed of… I have always been intuitive but this was something else! It’s actually quite difficult to put into written words. I went through a huge ass rollercoaster! For me the best way to describe my own experience of Spiral is akin to my mind/body/soul being a house and Spiral the team of professional cleaners that came in and cleared dust and dirt from every single corner, leaving no stone unturned. It helped me let go of shit that was old and needed to be turfed, but it also put a huge spotlight on areas where I thought I had ‘done the work’. In fact I had only really tidied the surface while secretly shoving everything under the bed. Spiral opened up the Pandora’s box and forced me to see the stuff I had hidden from myself and asked me to face it, own it – go through the middle instead of over, under, and around etc. It didn’t feel great as you may imagine, but I just knew that it was necessary and that I could go through that dark tunnel and the light would be waiting for me. I didn’t know how long it would take, but I trusted I would get there and I did! It took action, commitment and determination. I sought support and had to be more vulnerable than ever before. The issue I am referring to in myself is complete and deep seated disgust and shame towards my body. I didn’t realise how much I had lied to myself and that the one thing I wanted more than ever (to feel good in my body) was always out of my reach whilst I was unwilling to do the real work. I am 38 in 2 months and can honestly say that for the first time in my life I LOVE MY BODY! This is something I had heard people speak about but never really believed could happen for me. It really is the best feeling in the world!!

I loved Spiral so much that 4 months after becoming a practitioner I undertook a 4 day training here in Melbourne to become a Certified Advanced Spiral Practitioner! I have loved watching my Spiral clients change, grow and release the version of themselves they thought they ‘should’ be, and become more of who they truly are. I am currently halfway through Spiralling my 3 year old niece. She had seen me doing this work with her Mum and asked me if she could do her own Spiral. She loves it too!

If you want to see where Spiral can take you, get in touch!


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