Change your story 📚

When I first started taking people through the Spiral process, I knew it would help them but I didn’t really know how much. I was only new to it myself and hadn’t seen the full effect of it in my own life yet. As it turns out, my whole life changed. I lost 13kg of disgust and shame I had for my own body. I now love it unconditionally for the first time in my life – something I have always wanted but never dreamed possible. I let go of comparisons, expectations, armour, beliefs that were holding me back. I am now living my idea of a dream life! On my purpose, fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been, abundant and wealthy, with so much to look forward to. I am going to Bali in September to learn how to take people through Wealth Spiral which will be massive.

When people reach out to me they are at their wit’s end. They want big change. They know they have to go past the fear and resistance to get to the gold that’s there for them but somehow always just out of their reach – I know that feeling all too well! They quickly get to know that they can trust me to guide, support them, and call bullshit where needed. I have been where they are at, and I know I can raise their level of consciousness and empower them. They start getting out of their own way, stop running stories and start BEING the person living the life they want right now. They report feeling like a new person: a creator, no longer a victim of circumstance. Changes happen fast because of my intention and belief in them, and their willingness to be open and do the work. They start speaking up, speaking their truth with total honesty, knowing their worth and what they deserve, feeling more aligned and on purpose, observing rather than engaging. It lights me right up to see such huge shifts in my clients and I can literally see the change in them! They look younger, vibrant, calm and content with a deep stillness to their energy. They change so much that I have to remind them of how far they have come because they can’t even recall being anything but elevated and in their power. They wake up to the reality of their life and realise they’ve been living a lie. They no longer conform or subscribe to imaginary rules they never knew they could question before. They start to remember who they truly are. It’s a process of letting go of who you were told to be and knowing that you can be anything you desire. They heal for themselves, for their ancestors and future children.


Everyone thinks they’re broken, fucked up, in need of ‘fixing’ but that’s the universal lie we have all been sold to keep us consuming, good little 9-5 workers who don’t question anything. They just can’t see their own light and it’s my job to remind them. Using Spiral, manifesting, quantum consciousness and the power of intention we make magic and get to the level of straight up expecting miracles – and my word do they happen. They start to get comfortable with being seen, shining bright, becoming magnetic and manifesting their desires.


I care deeply and I give all that I have to bringing about change and transformation. I have so many amazing stories of how my client’s lives have changed after Spiral.

Is it time for you to change your story?


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