Heart Wall Clearing
Most of us have what’s called a Heart Wall. It’s an energetic wall we have built around our heart to protect us after emotional upsets over the course of our life. It’s a coping mechanism, to keep us from having to deal with pain. When we numb one of our feelings we numb ALL of them… joy, love – the lot! We push away what’s good for us, including abundance, opportunities, experiences and relationships. I cleared my heart wall and met my match not long after that, I had previously been single for 15 years. My heart wasn’t open, I didn’t even realise! I wanted love consciously, but subconsciously I was pushing it away to keep myself “safe”. I can clear your heart wall in a single session and show you how I resuscitated my heart and changed the game for myself! My friends and family say I’m a different person now! Happier, more easygoing and open, calmer and more loving and content. To be honest that’s who we all are at our core, I just had some blocks in the way to coming back to my true self – do you?

The Spiral
Created by Dane Tomas, The Spiral is an advanced emotional clearing tool for profound growth and change. It utilises the combined power of human behavioural models from the coaching/NLP world, the muscle-testing power of Kinesiology with TCM Meridians and Chakra system, to release emotional baggage that prevents us from moving forward and reaching our full potential. The Spiral is a 7 stage program that moves through 22 key emotions common to the human experience. The process allows your strengths to shine and allows easier growth and movement in areas where we have been blocked or feel stuck at a certain point. The actual framework itself is based on the 7 Chakras, the Spiral Dynamics framework and David Hawkin’s Scale of Consciousness. These 3 frameworks combined with the power of Kinesiology form together to produce what we now call The Spiral. When doing The Spiral, you will be traversing 7 levels, approximately one level each week.

LEVEL 1 – DESERVING – emotions of shame, guilt and dogma
LEVEL 2 – CREATIVITY – emotions of fear, paralysed will and grief
LEVEL 3 – POWER – emotions of pride, anger and desire
LEVEL 4 – OPENNESS – emotions of reason, acceptance, love
LEVEL 5 – EXPRESSION – emotions of anxiety, confidence, low self esteem
LEVEL 6 – VISION – emotions of truth, trust and receptivity
LEVEL 7 – PURPOSE – emotions of peace, joy, enlightenment

At each level we will identify and release stress patterns and stored emotions which have been held as stress in the body. Then we plant the seeds for new, healthier expressions of the themes at each level, creating new pathways and reference points.

Quantum Re-Patterning
Imagine being able to totally change the way that you perceive and relate to significant people in your life! What might it free you to be able to do and achieve, if you no longer experienced them as limiting influences? Mum and Dad are usually the first two Quantum Clears recommended, post-Spiral, as they inform our entire masculine/feminine construct, and how we do intimate relationships and parenting. Cleaning up all of the things in them that we judge, repress, or feel we don’t measure up to, frees us to step into our full genetic potential. It also cleans up our ability to relate to them, without the old stories, triggers and baggage. From here, we can clear other significant influences, such as ex-partners, abusers, mentors or even our own wounded inner child. Quantum Clearing a celebrity or historical figure can be a very powerful way to step into areas that currently challenge us. People who embody traits that either repel us, or that we aspire to are great to explore, as we neutralise all of our judgements with this process. Our unconscious fear of becoming what we judge, holds us back a great deal more than most people realise. You could be free to step into your full expression, free to explore all of the qualities you may desire to embody. A gap of at least 4 weeks is suggested between Quantum Clears. These are very powerful sessions.

Chakra Line Clears
Clear any stuck emotions between you and another (friend, work colleague, current or ex-partner, parent etc.). I have personally used these to completely let go of an ex I was struggling to move on from, to untangle enmeshment between a mother and child who didn’t want to go to kinder or even play in the next room unless Mum was there, heal arguments between friends, understand what fears are stopping a current love interest from taking action… the list is endless. These are the most instantly freeing of all clears!

Wealth Clears
Find out what you think you are worth and then increase it! We will sabotage anything above and beyond that which we believe we are worthy of, therefore blocking the abundance available to us at all times.

Manifestation Clears
Anything you want to manifest can be yours, we just need to find the limiting beliefs you have blocking the abundance that is there for us at all times.

Email for enquiries – I also offer free style sessions where I combine multiple methods and intuit what is needed for you in the session.