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This is the first time I have been through the Spiral, and hopefully not the last. Jacqui is an amazing Spiral practitioner. Although we have known each other for a long time, Jacqui was very professional in her approach, making sure I got the best out of each session. Jacqui was so supportive the whole way through, she would even check up on me after the session to see how I was going and was willing to offer any advice for things that came up along the way, so I never felt like I was going through this alone. Her knowledge, life experience and intuitive nature meant that nothing I said, felt or experienced left me feeling self-conscious or afraid. She made me feel understood, strong and brave. The process of Spiral itself was unlike anything I’ve done before. At times I felt so heavy with the weight of emotions I had been carrying with me for most of my life, I couldn’t hold my head up. I’ve learned that when I was experiencing anxiety, I was also experiencing many other emotions on top of it. After Jacqui helped me to clear these attached emotions anxiety was felt in only its purest form. It was confusing to start off with because I began looking at it through a clear lens and I felt detached from it somehow; but also I feel comfortable sitting with it now instead of running away from it. Spiral has affected the patterns and conditioning of not only me but of the people around me – my husband, my mother, my sister, even the people I work with. Things that were triggering me one week, were gone the next. I have cleared so much; there are times where I am not sure who I am anymore. Jacqui and the Spiral have helped me to create boundaries that didn’t exist, have opened the communication flood gates, helped me realise that feeling emotions are ok, question my life’s purpose and heal deep wounds.

I didn’t know much at all about the Spiral program when Jacqui first started offering it but I knew in my heart I wanted to do it. My trust and belief in Jac and her ability as a guide and healer were already so strong as I had experienced some other wonderful shifts under her guidance. The spiral program did not disappoint. Whilst the immediate impacts for me were more subtle, as time goes on I now see I am a completely different person. I speak my truth without fear of what others will think. I now own who I truly am and state out loud what I want from my life and what I have to offer without fears & guilt. I have started to have great success in my business. Throughout the entire process and post the Spiral Jacqui has been there for me constantly. Her level of empathy and understanding for clients is like none other – beyond what I have experienced from any other practitioner. She went above and beyond to tailor everything to me and my specific needs and always went the extra mile to ensure I felt like I was getting everything I possibly could from the program. I can’t wait to do the advanced program with Jac when it’s available (but first I’ll wait for the rest of this to integrate!) The spiral program is beneficial for everyone and you couldn’t be in better hands than with Jacqui!

Spiral and Jacqui have helped me to open up a part of myself that has been shut down for a long time. It has been an emotional roller coaster but I have learned so much about myself in these last few months. I have learned to be more patient and understanding with myself and that it’s OK to love myself – loving myself doesn’t mean being arrogant or stuck up, but that I am worth loving and being loved. It has tested my relationship with my husband but it’s also brought us closer together. I don’t get triggered by others like I used to and I don’t get angry like I used to and that’s so empowering! I still have a way to go yet but it feels good to finally feel like me!

After hearing Jacqui’s Spiral story and how it had helped people she had worked with, I became intrigued. I must say I was a bit sceptical and worried about what it involved – being open and vulnerable are not my specialties. I was keen to learn more though as I want to finally deal with issues that were holding me back in so many ways. I was concerned about finances so Jacqui suggested we do a Wealth Clear. I was very nervous but Jacqui did an awesome job talking me through the process and explaining what she was doing. I have always struggled to visualise as my mind is always racing so much that I can’t focus. Jacqui was patient and tried to help me picture things in a different way. I didn’t know what to expect after our session or how I would know that it had worked. I did wake up feeling like my throat and nose were so blocked and congested – my body trying to release everything that I was holding onto when it came to wealth and my worth. It was the next night that I found out I had won a competition – I have never won anything before! I took this as a clear sign that we had changed something significant. I am so excited to work with Jacqui more and experience the change and impact that Spiral will have on my life.

I did Spiral with Jacqui in mid-2018 and whilst I definitely felt some initial shifts and changes, there was nothing specific that occurred immediately after. I continued on with life and Jacqui kept in regular contact with me, always offering me guidance and support when needed. It wasn’t until recently that it hit me how much of a true and long-lasting impact this process has had on my sense of self-worth and deserving-ness. Let me explain how I came to this realisation; I recently got approached to go for a job at a new company. When I flagged this with my current boss (we have a good relationship and I wanted to see if he felt this new job and company would be a good fit for me) he said it sounded like a great offer and I would be silly not to consider it. I appreciated his advice and decided to pursue it. In less than 24 hours though he had come back to me saying how much he & the company value me and don’t want me to leave. So much so that he went straight to the CEO and managed to get me a $30,000 pay-rise and increased bonus potential!! I have to pinch myself when I say this out loud. There is no way in my wildest dreams I would’ve thought this possible before going through the Spiral process with Jacqui. I realise now there is no shadow of a doubt in my mind that I am worthy and GOOD ENOUGH. Of this abundance and so much more! I can’t thank Jacqui enough for all the time, energy, and wisdom she shared with me.

Since our last session, I have been transitioning from extremely negative self-talk and putting a lot of pressure on myself to look a certain way, into loving myself and my body. I’m saying kind and loving things to my self for the first time in my life and feeling really sexy, comfortable in my clothes and confident. I have never felt this way even when I was thin! Recently I put on a dress that was too tight when I bought it and now it fits me perfectly – I’ve lost weight without even trying! I feel so happy and amazing wearing it!! Thank you Jacqui for all of your help and guidance.

Jacqui has taken me through Spiral and a Chakra to Chakra Clear. Spiral has helped bring out the real me. I am more able to live in my truth and it’s allowed me to start living my life to the fullest. I know that there’s a lot more I need to wade through and leave behind but instead of feeling perpetually stuck in the dark, I can now see light all around and I know what I need to do to bring more of that in. Spiral has helped me to take steps that I was too scared to take due to extreme fear holding me back. It’s not something that I can fully explain on paper. I would suggest to anyone who feels called to go through Spiral and uncover, unravel and get rid of what no longer serves you. You know, the shit that makes you ok with settling and being ok with living the “ok” life. We are worthy of SO much more. I loved Jacqui’s honest and no-bullshit approach. She’s continually supportive but will tell you how it is. Pure, raw, and honest. As for the Chakra Clear, my daughter and I have carried separation anxiety from our lineage and we have been called to work through it and end the trauma here. Jacqui worked with me to untangle our enmeshment and it has helped us in leaps and bounds. My daughter is now able to go to kinder and enjoy herself knowing that she is ok and I will be there at the end of the day to pick her up. Prior to that, there were tears every time and anxiety about going, often manifesting in physical ailments. She’s now able to stay at her Dad’s place and have the best time trusting I’ll be there when it’s time for her to come home. She never used to be able to go to sleep unless I was there, but now she can relax and enjoy sleepovers with family. For anyone who’s going day to day feeling that there must be more to life, take that step. Just do it. Working on yourself isn’t easy but it’s SO worth it!

I have been working with Jacqui both before and throughout my pregnancy and I have gone through some dramatic changes in this time. Both through the Spiral process and the Quantum clears that came after, my anxious and self-doubting mindset has shifted to one who is clear in her intentions and faces her fears front on. I feel like a completely different person. This was most noticeable during the last Quantum Clear that we did looking at the feminine – the mother. My fears around this were about my journey into motherhood and being a ‘good mother’. My anxieties flared up again as I faced the idea of childbirth. I wanted to show the people closest to me that I ‘could do it’ wanting to prove to them how ‘strong’ I was, even when they already knew this. Jacqui patiently lead me through a Manifestation Clear process, guiding me to feel into the fullness of all the expectations I had put on myself, the conditioning that had led me there in the first place, and finally to let it all go. I have become so light and free throughout my pregnancy and enjoy each and every new step along the way.

Jac I just wanted to touch base & say how grateful I am for all the belief-shifting work we have done together. In the last 3 weeks, I have lost 2.3kg changing nothing in my exercise plan or diet – ONLY my mindset. Don’t get me wrong, I eat healthily & consistently to a plan and always ensure I am training appropriately, but prior to now the weight just wouldn’t shift! I have now dropped the negative self-talk & beliefs and things are moving faster than ever – thanks so much!

When Jacqui told me about her spiral experience and what she had gained from it, I was instantly curious. I must be honest – I was sceptical but willing to give it a go as I was tired of being in the headspace that I was in. I knew that things needed to change if I wanted to create a happier life for my children and be able to create success and impact lives. I never imagined that Spiral could have the impact that it did! When I started I was a woman with a LOT of self-doubts, a lack of self-worth, no confidence in myself and my decisions, and no voice. Spiral helped me clear a lot of anger towards my children’s father, learn to reduce stress, helped me find my voice, and realise that all the things I was looking for were inside of me. Jacqui also gave me tools to help me and my children, resulting in all of us feeling generally calm and happy. Due to the line of work I do, I truly believe in the universe but I didn’t realise the magic Spiral would create. Jacqui has been teaching me about my thoughts and feelings and how they impact the way my life plays out. I was under so much financial stress, but after Spiral I implemented the tools I was given and opportunities started to arise. My boss offered to lend me a very large sum of money so that I could pay my legal fees rather than me having to take out a loan and money flowed into my account from other avenues I was not expecting. My confidence has grown so much, my fears are gone and most importantly my self-worth has increased. Jacqui has been so supportive throughout the whole process and has put in 110% – I am forever grateful for this amazing experience!

I am so grateful for Spiral, and even more grateful that Jacqui was my guide on this magical and powerful journey. I knew when I met Jacqui that she had an important role to play in my life and this was proven time and time again as she took me through each of the Spiral levels, as well as arming me with some incredible self-clearing strategies along the way. She patiently witnessed the revelation of my truth, which I will be forever grateful for. Jacqui is an inspiration and she authentically embodies Spiral through her own lived experience as well as her innate wisdom as an energy healer. Jacqui’s down-to-earth and honest approach as a practitioner made me feel safe and empowered and even in times of vulnerability, I felt able to fully surrender and lean into radical honesty and personal power with her by my side. Even during my integration, while I may not physically see Jacqui, I feel her supportive energetic presence and voice of wisdom in my subconscious mind, as new layers of truth reveal themselves to me. Jacqui helped me clear so many of the limiting beliefs and ‘stories’ that I have been telling myself my whole life, and today I am more clear and connected to my truth than ever before. I feel deeply connected not only to myself but also to the Spiral community, and a great deal of thanks goes to Jacqui for making this possible. Thank you Spiral and thank you, my beautiful friend, now and forever my soul sister.

After Jacqui took me through the Spiral and Quantum Clears, I fell pregnant very easily (I found out I was going to be a Mother a few hours after Quantum Clearing “Mother) and was incredibly well throughout the pregnancy. The anxieties that normally plagued me throughout my life were gone! I felt so confident that the baby was healthy and everything was playing out the way it should be however, there were times when I needed Jacqui’s wisdom and knowledge to help break through barriers and to disconnect from the stories that I was hooked into. One of those stories was the idea that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed, coupled with my fears around having a cesarean birth. Jacqui guided me with honesty, humour, no judgment, integrity, and passion – boy did some shit go down! I am so grateful that it did because I gave birth to a beautiful, strong baby girl via the most positive C-section you could hope for, have healed wonderfully and without any sign of baby blues. Best of all I am able to breastfeed with a great supply of milk. Jacqui has continued to hold space for me during these first few months of being a new mother which has been such invaluable support to me as I navigate my way through this whole new way of being. Thank you, Jacqui!

I was a shy guy who struggled to talk about emotions and feelings, but Jacqui helped me overcome past traumas and set my heart free. I was impressed and overwhelmed by her attitude to spiritual guidance and emotional clearing. She helped to unlock the past and set me on a path of listening to my heart, rather than my mind. I now have the ability to tackle life and use my heart as a guide to break through just about anything blocking it! I wake up feeling more energetic and see positive improvements in my life! I would strongly recommend anyone (including guys) do a session with Jacqui – they will not regret it!

I feel so much more awareness around and freedom from old emotional patterns having gone through the Spiral with Jacqui. Jacqui embodies a down-to-earth but potent magic and her genuine passion for supporting people in their journey toward greater freedom and peace only became more and more obvious in our time together – this trust allowed me to go deep. I am so grateful for the deep shifts, understandings and ongoing tools Spiralling with Jacqui has brought into my life. I have been able to significantly dissolve some long-standing blockages that I have been working on through many potent modalities for many years and feel more firmly centered in my power. I feel so blessed to have gone through this process. Thank you, Jacqui, legend!

I have been curious about going through the spiral process for some time and found Jacqui through the spiral practitioners listed online – what a find! Jacqui is an absolute joy to work with, holding the most wonderfully safe yet playful space for the spiral process, guiding me through letting go of limiting beliefs and old stories that have been stopping and blocking me. I, wholeheartedly, recommend Jacqui as a sensitive and generous practitioner who knows her work and guides her clients through the process from her heart. I was aware of shifts taking place through each of our weekly sessions and between; things are continuing to shift in wonderful ways, thank you soo soo much, Jacqui, you are a beautiful and generous soul!!!

From a male’s perspective, talking about emotions and getting clear about my purpose in life wasn’t something I was comfortable exploring. However, I have been totally blown away by Jacqui and Spiral! At the start, I was a bit shy and would struggle to open up about feelings and emotions, but Jacqui helped me to overcome past traumas, and her guidance swiftly assured me that I was on the right path to free myself and radically change my mindset. Each level was so enlightening that I felt a great weight lift from my heavy shoulders. I let go of old wounds I hadn’t realised were taking a toll on my life, and I became more open to being vulnerable and grabbing life with both hands rather than hiding away in the shadows as I have always done. I can’t thank Spiral and Jacqui enough for all the guidance and support that helped me realise my goals and reach for them – I will be forever thankful!

Jacqui is a caring and intuitive soul who displays professionalism and knowledge in each session. This was a new experience for me, and Jacqui was compassionate and patient throughout the process. She was more than generous with her time which meant a lot to me as it helped me relax, open up and be vulnerable for the first time in my life. With her guidance, we removed limiting beliefs that had always troubled me. Transitioning through this healing process has allowed me to investigate why and what influenced me to repeat behavioural patterns. I am now firmly on the path to self-love and acceptance. I want to thank Jacqui for introducing me to my spiritual and healing journey.

Spiral strengthens your authentic self, allows your true spirit to stand taller, and to finally feel your worth from deep within. It clears away the toxic emotions that are holding you back. It’s freeing and powerful. Jacqui has the best quotes to lift and inspire you. I’ve known Jacqui for many many years, and I witnessed her transformation when she did Spiral herself and then became a practitioner. Her transformation was very inspiring, and I had always intended to try Spiral. I was already seeing a kinesiologist so I felt that I was making great progress with that. Then, during the instability and confrontational times of the last few years, I realised that a lot of my reactions and insecurities were from not feeling worthy. I reached out to Jacqui to ask her what Spiral involved to see if it could help me more deeply with my worthiness. She was so great at explaining how simple yet profound the whole process was, and that it would go further than what I was perhaps experiencing with my current kinesiology sessions. Reaching even deeper into the base emotions we all have, and releasing our personal pain or trauma attached to those. I identified that my worthiness issues were holding me back in so many areas of my life. My experience going through Spiral was actually very profound. Jacqui spent just the right amount of time I needed, she was very generous with her time. The biggest impact it had on me was halfway through Spiral when I noticed a major shift in myself and my confidence. I actually felt different in the way I handled things that normally would have triggered my insecurities, and instead, I felt strong and balanced and able to handle situations that usually put me off balance. Whatever would normally have made me go into fear or feel threatened or need to justify myself, wasn’t there. I felt inner contentment and growing strength in my confidence during Spiral. By clearing away, those deep, base emotions that were holding me back, cleared the way for my authentic normal, happy confident self to take centre stage. One of my biggest weaknesses in life has been learning to create boundaries with people and situations. Saying no or speaking my boundaries often felt inauthentic (like I was faking it) because I hadn’t felt I really deserved to speak my needs and wants. After working with Jacqui and going through Spiral, I was able to really feel truly worthy of speaking my boundaries. It really made such an impact on my relationships with people, work, and family. I was able to speak up for myself authentically, and not feel threatened, it was such a weight off my shoulders, I finally felt free and empowered. Only a few months after Spiral finished, I started a business that I had wanted to for many years, based on my true passions. My day job situation started changing for the better and relationships with friends and family transformed for the better. I feel so free, liberated, and strong at my core. I loved how easy and calm the sessions were, Jacqui is so patient, kind, nurturing, and really wise. I’d recommend people go to see Jacqui for Spiral because she really tunes in with who you are and where you are in life. This is her passion. She is a natural with an absolute talent for this. She is very wise and has so much to offer and I honestly didn’t think I could have such huge changes especially after having worked consistently on myself for over 20 years. I was surprised by how much and how profound the changes were from doing spiral with Jacqui. My confidence today comes from clearing my worthiness issues and other stuff from my childhood that was unconsciously holding me back in life. Jacqui lives breaths and loves what she does. She is an absolute natural and I 100% recommend her for doing any healing sessions. Jacqui literally lives her experience, she has explored and experienced the changes she helps others with, so you know she knows what it feels like to be where you’re at. Jacqui has so much compassion and passion for helping others to feel free of fears, insecurities, and things that are holding them back. Anything that blocks you from moving forward. I highly recommend doing spiral or any session with Jacqui. She truly is amazing at what she does!

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