I learned about Guasha from the amazingly knowledgable Tyler Tolman. You will not get softer skin from any of the chemical filled, environmentally damaging scrubs and products out there. Guasha is inexpensive and easy, here’s what he says to do; “Buy the cheapest bottle of triple distilled vodka and some aluminium free bi-carb soda, mix the 2 in a jar with a lid until it’s a putty consistency. Have it next to you the next time you shower. Get in and rinse off. Then turn off the shower and scrub your entire body with this putty (I use a scrub brush, a mit or a loofah) I scrub head, face, arms, legs everywhere. You might even get an itch in certain spots. I recommend focusing more on those spots and when your done scrubbing, get back into the shower and rinse off. That’s it.”

I personally don’t use anything to work it into my skin, I find just a small amount of the mixture rubbed over my face and rinsed off in water makes my skin look and feel amazing! I do it every few days.

From Tyler’s site:

How This Ultimate Skin Detox Works
As the bicarbonate soda is highly alkaline it kills acidic bacteria that build up in the skin. The skin is seven layers of dermis and epidermis and a lot of stuff can accumulate in the skin. Fungus, yeasts, petrochemicals, parasites and moulds that can come out as rashes and infections.

A lot of times petrochemicals that happen to be in the air around us get into the skin and really block it up, resulting in pimples and irritations. When you use the bicarb soda and the vodka it opens the pores of the skin as well as alkalising everything. The guasha mix cleans absolutely everything out and allows more oxygen to enter creating beautiful fresh skin.

I recommend doing this every day for the first 1-2 weeks then 2-3 times per week indefinitely and of course in conjunction with eating well, regular cleansing and drinking lots of water and getting out in the sun.

Here is a gorgeous song from Katie Noonan to brighten your day.

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