Sacred Women’s Circles

Yesterday I went on an 8 hour journey with the amazing Beáta Alföldi called Medicine Woman Wisdom. As someone who is constantly trying to ground myself, I really wanted to feel deeply grounded in the earth and in my body. It is always a little confronting for me at first to go into a sacred circle of women I have not yet met (past life memories of being persecuted as a witch perhaps?), but once in circle I never want to leave. There were 27 of us, so the energy we raised together with our intentions was quite powerful. Obviously I cannot speak of anyone else’s experience but my own, as what happens in circle stays in circle. We had all chosen where we sat and Beáta explained what each area in circle represents. I was seated in the South which signifies grounding among other things – very fitting for me, as my intention for the day was to become more deeply grounded. The middle of the circle or medicine wheel is the altar, where we each lit and placed a candle with our intentions and something sacred we had brought along. Throughout the day we did a range of amazing practices starting with Soul Retrieval and ending with Womb Healing and a Death Initiation and Rebirth meditation. For me the highlight and the reason I was drawn to attend in the first place was a specific Shamanic Breathwork journey. For 40 minutes Beáta drummed and guided us through particular breathing exercises designed to awaken our Kundalini and use that powerful energy to clear old stuff from each chakra. The power of a room full of women doing this all at the same time is a force to be reckoned with… as I said, I can’t speak of what others were going through but let me say it was powerful, raw and primal for everyone! For me I went deep and lost my sense of time, my hands went into Tetany, my whole body was vibrating and pulsating with very strong and intense waves of energy, my face and head were buzzing. It may sound scary, but it wasn’t – I loved it! I got a sense that this was like labour – I no longer had control over my body, but I trusted it knew what to do so I didn’t panic and went with the flow. I was screaming with my out breath, but not a shrill scream – more like I had run a marathon and was nearing the end, it’s an effort to hold onto shit and an effort to let it go. I think it was at the heart chakra that I started crying, but I hardly realised that I was at the time – it wasn’t a painful cry, it was happy tears and a beautiful release. It felt like I was on the ride of my life and I really didn’t want to get off! It’s not every day that you can be in such a powerful totally uninhibited yet safe space and witness not only your divine experience but also that of your sisters. This is the magic that makes it so special and sacred. The energy rising from the base of my spine was rippling powerfully up through all of my chakras and out of my crown – I felt euphoric and in a totally altered state yet really present in my body. The 40 minutes felt like less than 5 minutes, before I knew it we had worked through all of our chakras and it was time to lay down and gently come back to earth. I was still feeling the energy vibrating through me for about 30 minutes after, and when I saw myself in the mirror I realised I must have cried more than I thought because my eyes were red and my mascara was mostly gone. We sat back in circle and talked about our experiences, they were different for all of us but everyone agreed it was transformational and amazing. Some were totally spent and exhausted, I was really electrified and in awe. We are all conditioned from a young age to ‘hold it all together’ which is where a lot of issues stem from. It’s powerful and feels amazing to let it all out and be wild just like nature. By the end of the day I did develop a bit of a headache, but we shifted a lot of old energy so it’s to be expected – a salt bath, lots of water and good sleep renewed me. Today I feel very calm, balanced and more deeply unified with mother nature than ever. When we are in tune with the earth, we trust in the cyclic nature of our emotions which are exactly like nature herself. We have deeper consideration and respect for the earth and all of her inhabitants. I have now been present at quite a few women’s circles in the past few months – it is something very special we used to do long ago that is now being remembered and returned to. Women supporting each other, rather than policing and judging each other – the world needs more of that. See if there are women’s circles in your area and give it a try – you have nothing to lose and oh so much to gain. I promise you it is such a rich experience to share and listen to each others stories. So much learning, growing and expansion takes place within each of us. It’s easy to get into a cycle of comparison shame and judgement of ourselves and others, but when you realise what it has taken for a person to become who she is today, those negative feelings drop away and are replaced by compassion, understanding, connection and supportiveness. Women coming together with powerful positive intentions make magic!

This blog by Beáta perfectly explains why I felt called to her circle…


Why circle?

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