13 Questions with Bron Murphy 🧘🏼‍♀️

I’m not sure how long ago I became aware of Bron. We haven’t yet met in person but I will definitely go to one of her Goddess Circles this year! I have been following her on social media because I love her inspirational posts and I’m drawn to anything Goddess, yoga, meditation and healing. You may have seen her in ads on TV here and there – I recently saw her beautiful face on a Chemist Warehouse commercial. I’ll let her tell more about her impressive life experiences:

Tell us a bit about yourself and what your life currently looks like?
Waking up by the beach. Lighting my incense, setting up my morning ritual of yoga and meditation and then getting into my day. I run Yoga Retreats around the world so I’m always thinking about that and working towards making these amazing. This year too I run weekly Modern Goddess Circles and have a book coming out called The Modern Goddess. This group inspires women to work together in a collective. Each week we gather at my Urban Home Studio in St Kilda and work on our goals, dreams and inner sense of peace, We cover each week a different topic, from Law of Attraction to Nutrition to Meditation to finding your soul mate love. The Modern Goddesses each week connect via a Facebook page and inspire one another and keep each other reaching their goals and staying happy and aligned.

What do you feel your mission is?
To empower women to realise their true selves.

What led you to the path you are on now?
I was an Actress and 6th Grade classical pianist and the stress of this and working in corporate forced me to look within and find ways to manage the perfectionist I had become. Also I am a country girl and when I moved here for boarding school I found the city environment to be very stressful so I began as a 16 year old finding ways to cope in the busy urban world we live in today.

What has been your biggest challenge or rock bottom moment?
Have so many but each of them I see as my brightest moment too. When I was 16, I received a high B in a Grade 6 piano exam. I wanted an A grade. This sent me into a cycle of depression and anxiety. I couldn’t get out of bed and yes you can imagine the rest. My body became sick because my determined mind decided I didn’t want to be happy. It was at this ripe age I identified the strong connection between the thoughts we think, the emotions these thoughts create and then how this adversely or positively affects your body. You are what you think! I’ve seen it firsthand. You can take all the pills in the world and eat all the right foods but if your mindset is not right then your body will reflect that. This is my solid belief.

How did you use that difficult period as a catalyst for positive change in your life?
Well I feel I’m living that now in my career. I teach people how to lead the happiest of lives using their mindset and the path of yoga, mindfulness and many other tools I’ve personally picked up along the way from great leaders in the field like Anthony Robbins, Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay.

What has been the highest point in your life so far?
Performing in the Opera at the Sydney Opera house and seeing my parents watch me on stage. Also I was top 3 in Miss Universe and that was pretty special. But in my healing career there are too many wonderful moments – having a homeless lady I teach tell me the pain had left her body after regular yoga made me smile. Life high points I believe are just a series of special moments.

What positive impact do you want to make in the world?
I relieve people of their pain – be it physical or emotional and show them tools to live life in our natural state of joy. Whether it’s a CEO or a single mum I’ve taught many people over the years how to live happily and how to improve their health.

What is most important to you?
Living life in love. Being kind. Not letting the stress of reaching my goals effect my everyday relationships. Helping others is the key in my life to my happiness. Of course one day I’d love to bring my own family into the world.

How do you handle low days?
Affirmations, meditations, soaking in the sea baths and with a good deal of acceptance. I don’t tend to have many low days as I have mastered the art of being happy mostly and know how to shift my mood now. life too short to sweat the small stuff and so much of what we worry about doesn’t happen and doesn’t even matter to us being happy in the now.

What do you do stay in the flow and inspired?
Yoga, nature, baths, meditations and serving others. Realising by helping others you help yourself and also realising we are so lucky to be alive. Every day is truly a gift. When you stay in the now you realise that its most often your fear projections or day dreams about a past that has long gone that is blocking you from your natural state of joy. We don’t actually need to buy into all the fear from society we can choose to be happy and relaxed each day. Oh and gratitude. That’s a massive part of my everyday practice.

Who or what are the people, blogs, podcasts, music or books that have helped you the most?
Gosh don’t know where to being. When I was 16 someone gave me Louise Hay You can Heal your life. I think read Carl Jung, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and yes even prayers. My favourite prophet is Kahil Gibrahn and his book The Proper. Also Paulo Cohelo The Alchemist.

What’s the best advice you would give in regards to your experiences?
Having seen numerous clients and friends survive cancer and other big challenges I always say to people in class, are you breathing, do you have two legs and two arms, can you smile? If the answer is yes then there is nothing stopping you from happiness in The Now. Change the way you see the world and the world will change in front of you. If I could teach anyone anything it’s how to meditate and how to use the law of attraction to manifest their desires. You attract what you think about every day. I strongly believe that.

How can people find you/ get in touch with you?
Come and join in a Tuesday night Goddess Circle via: www.themoderngodess.com.au
or a retreat or reiki via www.sacredplacesyoga.com


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